Welcome to Bhaskar's world!

Chances are, this site might have come by as a bit of a surprise for you.
This is but the design?
Well, the thing is, with modernization in the web industry, the change in design philosophy is not a stagger. But, with that change came a pay.
The bolstered charm of vintage sites with skeuomorphism is no more there.
So, here it is. The skeuomorphic design with aesthetic charm everyone endeared. Have a good time.
~ bhaskarrijal

What my lens see.

Who am I?

Don't really know how you define yourself. I mean, why don't sit on the
edge and watch it happen?

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What do I do?

From writing codes to snapping deep sky in the midnight. I always have alot to do.
I cover few in this site.

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Doesn't matter whether you wanna share a playlist or you wanna build something outta nothing. You can contact me.

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God is inside, eyes facade
Are you looking for a locus of glow?
God dwells in the depths,
How far does the surface flow?
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