A lil' about me

Often times, speaking about yourself is, you know, hard. Actually, speaking about anyone has been something of a void zone for me. I never really touch it and it just goes like that. You see, it's almost a paragraph now and I haven't touched the point yet.
You haven't got a lot to know about me though. I enjoy vintage stuff on some aspects of my life including this website but I live the full of .


I'm Software Engineer and CEO at LinkBinary since 2021. Before starting at LinkBinary, I used to chore as independent system developer & used to work on independent projects and open sources.


Presently, I'm pursuing BSc. CSIT, a bachelors degree of CS with Physics from IOST, TU.
After 10th, I completed my high school with Science (Physics Group) as major from HSEB/NEB.


Hobbies of mine are fun as they should be. Playing football, lone camping on a deep forest and having a steak later, riding vintage wheels and sketching physical letters are my favorites. Music makes a good position.

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पीडा, दु:खको गानामा
~लक्ष्मी प्रसाद देवकोटा~
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